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Meet the Team

We are an all-women, all-volunteer team with diverse origins and life journeys who share deep connections to the power of storytelling.  We came together over the Winter of 2023-24 and have made a two-year commitment to each other, to this book, and to you: our story Contributors, our Readers, and our Donors & Supporters. 


We each believe in the profound importance of bringing our stories out of the shadows, and the life-transforming effects of doing so. Stories of resilience, achievement, self-discovery, empowerment, trauma, healing, identity, overcoming adversity, and purpose.  Stories that now become one as a singular story of the 50 years of the women of the Air Force Academy.  

Women on a mountain

Our Partners

Ripples of Change logo

Partnered with us on this historic project is the Ripples of Change Foundation led by Cari Kenzie, Executive Director. The Foundation’s mission is to witness, validate, and empower individuals through their trauma. Our core belief is that by giving voice to personal stories of trauma, we not only facilitate healing but also transform these narratives into a source of strength. This transformation creates ripples of change, offering others the courage to share and heal from their own experiences. The vision for this book is clear: to provide a platform for inspiration, legacy preservation, and healing, not to dwell on trauma. This aligns perfectly with our philosophy at Ripples of Change, where we believe in the power of storytelling as a tool for healing.

Cari Kenzie

Cari Kenzie, Executive Director

Ripples of Change Foundation

All gifts given through this website are Restricted Donations and will be used solely towards the mission of this historic project.

Ripples of Change Foundation is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code. 


 Led by Marine Corps Veteran and MilSpeak President, Tracy Crow, MilSpeak Foundation is the fiscal sponsor and publisher of the USAFA Women Writers book project. MilSpeak supports, promotes, and celebrates the creative arts endeavors of military veterans, families, and caregivers. Through instructional on-site and online seminars and workshops, two publishing imprints, and resource advocacy, MilSpeak’s team of volunteers are devoted to documenting and preserving military history, increasing public awareness about the multi-generational impact of military experience, recognizing and promoting the wellness connection between arts-related activity and stress management, and fostering a warm community of artists.

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Tracy Crow, President

MilSpeak Foundation

MilSpeak Foundation, Inc. (EIN: 27-1271276), chartered in South Carolina, has been a registered 501(c)3 since 
2009, and is headquartered in Liberty, North Carolina. All gifts given here and designated for USAFA Women 
Writers are Restricted Donations and will be used solely towards the mission of this historic project.

USAFA Women is a community dedicated to uniting and inspiring all generations of United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) alumni while fostering a culture of inclusivity, courage, and service. Our mission is to create and support sustainable connection and networking paths for USAFA Women to:

  • Celebrate, honor, and preserve the achievements and legacy of USAFA Women.

  • Ignite an empowered community of USAFA Women alumnae and cadets as leaders of a culture of inclusivity, courage, and service.

  • Inspire and support all generations of women to fearlessly pursue their goals in both military and civilian life.

  • Empower USAFA Women to break barriers, shatter limitations, and drive lasting change.

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