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Women of the USAFA

We are the women of the US Air Force Academy. This is our story.

History demands listening to unheard voices and recognizing unheralded figures. We have a voice that has gone unheard and a story that has gone untold. We are changing that.


We are writing a book to tell the story of the 50 years of the women of the Air Force Academy. This is not a book just for women alum, nor is it a book about being a cadet at the Academy. This is a book for the world. It’s a universal tale of inspiration, achievement, resilience, empowerment and healing.


Join us on our two-year journey to publication!

Our Mission


Our mission is to illuminate the untold narratives of historical and contemporary women who defied conventional wisdom and societal norms, showcasing their pivotal roles in creating history and shaping culture and thought. In writing this book, we commit to empowering voices and forging connections through the art of storytelling, honoring the resilience and transformation of women past and present. By amplifying these stories of empowerment, trauma, achievement, and self-discovery, we seek to inspire our readers to embark on their own journeys of transformation, challenging conventional perspectives and biases, and embracing a deeper understanding of resilience and personal agency.

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This endeavor is more than just storytelling; it's about building a community rooted in collective experience and healing. We strive to leave a legacy that recognizes the significance of each woman's story and inspire the next generation to give voice to their own. Our objective is to empower our readers to seek personal growth and understanding by presenting tales of resilience, triumph, and self-discovery.

Submit Your Story

YOU are a historical figure. Your story is a sacred piece of you and it’s your legacy. It is a treasured historical artifact. One that you trust us with, that we honor, and that we commit to preserving for posterity.


We will be seeking submissions from all alumnae. Women alum who "walked up the Ramp" and experienced the Academy as a woman, grads & non-grads, of all diversities, are eligible to submit.


Find out more about what to submit, when & how to submit, how to get help with creating a submission, what happens to your submission, and how you will work personally with a member of the Writing Team. Reach out to the Writing Team – we want to hear from you!

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Female USAFA Cadet

Give to USAFA Women Writers

Support the creation of this historic book, and our mission of healing and empowerment.

Female USAFA Cadet
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