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USAFA Women HERitage Committee

Welcome to the USAFA Women HERitage Committee!  Working in close partnership with USAFA Women Writers, we aim to preserve, inspire, and memorialize the legacy of USAFA Women Alumnae. The USAFA Women HERitage Committee is Dedicated To:

  • Preserving our Legacy: We aim to honor and preserve the legacy of USAFA Women Alumnae who have made significant contributions both in and out of uniform.

  • Inspiring the Next Generation: We strive to inspire the next generation of women to pursue their dreams and reach for the skies, just like our alumnae have done.

  • Memorializing Triumphs: Through sharing stories of triumphs, overcoming challenges, and motivating achievements, we memorialize the resilience and determination of our alumnae.

USAFA Women Logo

Connect With Us!

Are you a USAFA Women Alum? Do you have digital media with stories, articles, exhibits, or oral 
histories you’d like to preserve in an official archive? We would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us to share your experiences and help us continue to preserve and celebrate the lasting legacy and contributions of USAFA Women.

We achieve Our Purpose through:

  • Collation of Stories: Collecting and preserving stories of USAFA Women Alumnae, highlighting their experiences, accomplishments, and contributions.

  • Articles: Sharing articles and essays that celebrate the achievements and journeys of our alumnae.

  • Exhibits: Curating exhibits that showcase the history and impact of USAFA Women Alumnae, providing a visual representation of their legacy.

  • Oral Histories: Recording and archiving oral histories from alumnae, capturing their firsthand accounts and perspectives for future generations.

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