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Submission Guidelines

Use the button below to submit. Only submissions received through our submissions form will be accepted. 

When to Submit

The submission window is OPEN and will remain open into 2026. Due to publisher timeline requirements, only submissions received by 15 Aug 2024 will be considered for inclusion in the book.


All submissions, regardless of when submitted, will be preserved for historical archiving by the HERitage Committee. Also see the FAQs more on archiving.

What to Submit

•  Original pieces that have not been created with the use of any artificial intelligence, and have not been previously published elsewhere OR that you have the rights to re-publish.

• “Pieces” means narrative, poetry, journal/diary entries, letters, and/or transcripts of oral interviews.

• The content of each submitted piece must be non-fiction and must tell, depict, or portray a story or episode from your personal life, whether from your Academy experience or any time thereafter.


• 1500 words max (target), double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman or similar, 1-inch margins. If submitting poetry, we understand formatting may differ from this.


• Acceptable file formats for written pieces: .doc or .docx or .pdf.


• For digitized or imagery versions of journal/diary entries or letters: .jpg or .png or .tiff. No .eps or .ai or .svg files. Please ensure good resolution and readability quality.

Your Rights

Your original work that you submit is yours and remains so. USAFA Women Writers will have First North American Serial Rights (FNASR), meaning the right to be the first publisher of your work one time in North America. If you are submitting previously published work, you must have the rights to the work and provide the publication information for USAFA Women Writers to give attribution to the original publisher of your work. USAFA Women Writers will have the right to publish this work for the current book project as well as any future works or derivatives including quoting from your material. You, as the author of your submission, will be given credit for your words when they are used.

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