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Jackie Perr

Jackie Perr

Jackie is a debut writer and Major in the US Air Force currently serving as an Executive Officer in a Special Operations Squadron. She has been in the military (in some form) her whole life and has always loved reading and writing. Born and raised on and off government bases, she grew up in places like the Mojave Desert and a small village in Germany, moving every 1-3 years.


The U.S. Air Force Academy seemed like a natural step for a 17-year-old military brat, so Jackie pursued it, earned acceptance to USAFA, and endured four rigorous years of math and science-based academics that would have surely traumatized her had it not been for the persistent harassment and sexual assault she faced from fellow cadets. She operated in survival mode and graduated (barely) in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science, despite being horrible at science. She majored in Humanities, using English and Music classes as beacons of light during a very confusing time, whilst earning an equally confusing degree title.


She earned a commission as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and was assigned as a Flight Commander of 86 souls in her first unit. The injuries she sustained at the Academy manifested as a young officer when she tried to kill herself, an equally devastating and empowering turning point. Hospitalization, writing, and love from herself and her family enabled her to make tools and move forward.


Jackie completed five active duty years with her best friend and husband, also an Air Force officer. She commanded maintenance flights, ran logistical operations for F-15s and B-52s, earned a Master of Arts, deployed in support of Expeditionary Operations, and did her best to care for those under her.


Jackie transitioned to the Reserves in 2010 and never looked back. The flexibility, maturity, and respect with which the Reserves operates gives her the space and support needed to pursue writing and motherhood.  She enjoys tending to her young children while also contributing to the Air Force mission for the country she loves.

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