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Women of USAFA


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YOU are a historical figure.  Your story is a sacred piece of you and it’s your legacy. It is a treasured historical artifact.  One that you trust us with, that we honor, and that we commit to preserving for posterity.

Women of USAFA

Submissions are Open

We Want YOU! The submission window is open! We are seeking Contributors for the book from ALL alumnae. Everyone who walked up the Ramp on that first day of BCT and experienced the Academy as women – grads & non-grads, of all diversities – are encouraged to submit. We share a common connection point: the US Air Force Academy. But the Academy is not the totality of each of our lives. It is the shared connection point that is the spool from which a golden thread unwinds, weaving together our individual contributions into a singular, collective, never-before-told story of our 50 years. We seek contributions from across your life. 

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for original pieces which could include narrative, poetry, journal/diary entries, letters, or transcripts of oral interviews. Please read the Submission Guidelines and only submit through our Submission Form on the Submission Guidelines page. The submission window will remain open into 2026. Due to publisher timeline requirements, only Contributors whose submissions are received by 15 Aug 2024 will be considered for inclusion in the book. Regardless of when submitted, all submissions will be preserved for historical archiving by the HERitage Committee. See the FAQs for more on archiving, donating to this historic project, and other info.

Susan Helms in Space

Help Creating Your Submission

If you’d like support in creating your submission, we’ve got you! We’ve partnered with the amazing MilSpeak Foundation on a series of writing workshops, any or all of which you can attend for FREE. These specially-created workshops are only for women alumnae from any of the Service Academies. Simply register here. Learn more about the MilSpeak Foundation here.

Oral Interview Option

The Submission Form offers an option to create your submission via an oral interview. Our awesome partner, the Ripples of Change Foundation, is graciously donating the experts, time, and resources to offer this option for those whose contribution may contain traumatic, sensitive or triggering topics. If you’re not sure, check the box on the form and we’ll connect you directly to one of our Ripples team members. Learn more about the Ripples of Change Foundation here.

Support our mission of empowerment, legacy, and healing.

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